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Frequently Asked Questions


The company was founded in 2011 during a trip around the world. We specialise in sportswear, riding gear and natural products for horses. We also offer all kinds of services such as embroidery for companies (riding clubs, companies etc.)

We sell through our e-commerce website but also at our shop in Buchillon in the canton of Vaud and finally at the various equestrian events that take place throughout Switzerland with our Fooltruck. 

What kind of products do you sell ?

Foolfashion is a company specialising in riding equipment for horse and rider. All our articles come from our suppliers. We sell rider protection material, ready-to-wear, all horse care and well-being products. We also sell ready-to-wear fashion and sportswear.

How can I be sure that your online payment service is really secure ?

We have chosen for you the best online payment system. Six Multipay is a leader company in Switzerland and through Saferpay your payment is secure.

Who is going to deliver my order ?

All orders are delivered in Switzerland and Lichtenstein only through La Poste Suisse.

How can I contact you ?

By email to: hello@foolfashion.ch. We'll give you an answer under 12 hours.

Where is your Shop ?

The FOOLFASHION's shop is located at Route Suisse 26 in Etoy in the canton of Vaud, a few steps from Etoy commercial area between Geneva and Lausanne. Our opening hours are posted on the home page of the site at the bottom right.