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Therapeutic and other protection

Gaiters, bandages and fetlock protectors are used to protect the horse's limbs in various situations. Bells are also very useful to protect your horse's feet.

It is also advisable to use therapeutic bandages and accessories to help muscles and tendons recover after an effort. 

For flat work or dressage, you can use working bandages, fleece bandages or polo bands, you can also use gaiters with or without shell, velcro or buttons. It is also advisable to use bells or glove covers to protect your horse's feet. This is useful for horses that engage a lot and are used to unshodding. 

When working on the bars or jumping, it is recommended to use elastic bandages to hold the tendons or gaiters with a shell to protect the tendons from knocks. 

For the park or for walks, gaiters and fetlock protectors with a shell are perfect because they prevent the horse from hitting itself. 

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