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Beris bits are known for their efficiency. The components and quality of these bits are appreciated by our customers. Beris bits are made of a soft and flexible food material with or without a metal core and are designed to provide the horse with a good comfort in the mouth which will generate a better relaxation and a softer contact on the rider's hand.

The Beris bits are available in many models, 2 ring bits, olive bits, pelham bits, verdun bits, lifter bits, ... The Beris butterfly bit with its anatomical shape is an innovation in the family of bits, the Beris bit with tongue passage has a special flattened shape to offer maximum space for the tongue and is particularly suitable for horses that cannot tolerate pressure on the tongue, the comfort bits are characterised by a very slight curvature of the mouthpiece and due to their anatomical shape rest lightly and evenly on the tongue

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