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  • TRIKEM SPORT Arnica Gel 1L


    To be used to treat joint, tendon and muscle pain as well as contractures of the spine. Soothes swelling, inflammation and muscle aches.

  • Equicooldown cooling towel

    the 'new generation' cooling system from USA, multi-usage wherever cooling is needed. Needs no pre-cooling: just wet and shake for hours of coolness!. No danger of tissue damage from extreme cold - will gently cool up to 2,5 hours (temperature drop up to 6) and can be used over and over again as it is also perfectly machine washable, blue, unisize 34x79cm
  • EQUINE-Ô Ô-GEMM' Minéral 30ml


    A formula especially for a remineralizing and regenerating. Supports the healing of connective tissue lesions such as fibrosis and tendonitis. Quickly relieves horses suffering from foot problems. Supports the growth of foals.

  • LOENVETSELECT Cortiphyt 300ml


    The cortico-like and analgesic effects of plants and essential oils are very interesting on the recurrent problems of certain inflammatory pathologies on horses such as back pain and lumbago, which are recurrent problems in sport horses.

  • LOENVETSELECT Acidless 300ml


    The plants and essential oils present in Acidless promote the elimination of free radicals and acids produced during exercise. They also provide an effective aid to the recovery of magnesium lost during exercise. Great antioxidant power.

  • UNCLE JIMMYS Hangin Balls


    Your horse will spend hours trying to lick and grasp this ball not only does it taste great it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals for the horse's daily needs.

  • RAVENE Nutrigarlic 900g
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    RAVENE Nutrigarlic 900g


    The unique formula of NUTRIGARLIC+ combines the benefits of all the natural products often used to improve the general condition and shape of horses

  • FARNAM Red Cell 3.8 litres
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    FARNAM Red Cell 3.8 litres


    Farnam's Red Cell is an energy solution for horses rich in vitamin B12 and iron, considered THE reference formula by many professionals!

  • RAVENE Kinesyl gel 250ml


    Kinesyl is a gel with vegetable extracts containing hyper-oxygenated oils, ideal for massaging the muscles

  • TRIKEM SPORT Ice Gel Pro 1L


    A penetrating menthol-free gel which acts quickly and provides a soothing effect.

  • ERGYVET Equi-oligo 1000ml
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    ERGYVET Equi-oligo 1000ml


    EQUI-OLIGO is an original synergy of more than 20 trace elements in the form of ionic for better assimilation. Trace elements "molecules of life", are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

  • ERGYVET Fortibiol 800gr
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    ERGYVET Fortibiol 800gr


    For a long time, the horse found everything he needed in nature.

  • ERGYVET Munybiol 1000ml
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    ERGYVET Munybiol 1000ml


    A good immune system requires a balanced diet and a healthy immune system.

  • ERGYVET Ergysil Gel 200ml
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    ERGYVET Ergysil Gel 200ml


    Organic silicon is the element most present in the earth's crust after oxygen. An inert mineral, it is found in an organic form under the action of oxygen.

  • TRIKEM Competition Gel
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    TRIKEM Competition Gel


    Fast and effective menthol-free gel with a double cooling and warming effect. Relieves and soothes pain.