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Jumping pads

The saddle pads are placed under the horse's saddle and are available in several variations.  The saddle cloths are placed directly on the horse's back. The saddle pads absorb the animal's sweat and also prevent the formation of pressure points on the horse's back. The multi-purpose saddle pad or jumping saddle pad has a more dynamic design at the front to fit optimally with the jumping saddle.

The range of saddlecloths has developed very strongly in recent years and you can find saddlecloths in a wide variety of colours, checkered, velour, cotton, with different patterns or with details. You will also often find sets consisting of a matching cap and saddle pad. Thanks to our embroidery service, you can personalise your saddle pads and bonnets according to your wishes.

Find the right saddle pad for you on our online foolfashion.ch website or in our shop in Buchillon. 

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