Marstall - Horse food


High quality feed for horses.

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  • MARSTAL Himalaya salt block 3.2kg


    A totally natural salt lick extracted from Himalayan rocks.

  • PARISOL Aloe Vera Lotion 500ml


    Concentrated skin care and moisturising lotion with a high content of real Aloe Vera. Nourishes and soothes. Provides the skin with vitamins, minerals and amino acids of Aloe Vera. Particularly suitable for the application for itchy, sensitive and tense skin.

  • MARSTALL Mash 7kg


    marstall Mash - the recipe for a shiny coat and active digestion. Composed of yellow flax, tasty apple pomace, high-fibre bran and many other digestible ingredients.

  • MARSTALL E-Fly Protect 7 kg
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    MARSTALL E-Fly Protect 7 kg


    E-Fly Protect consists of specially selected raw ingredients and a lot of garlic powder, all pressed into small pellets. As a supplement to the concentrated feed E-Fly Protect supports the defence against insects.