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Grooming equipment

Grooming is the most important step for the good care and comfort of your horse. By nature, the horse will roll itself to protect itself from insects and small animals that may disturb it. Rolling also allows them to relax their muscles. The horse sleeps most of the time standing up, but it can happen very often that you see a horse lying down in its entirety snoring. 

All these behaviours make the horse a very dusty or even muddy animal depending on its activity. It is therefore important to take care of its hair and to clean it before and after each session. 

Dust, shavings or mud can be very irritating when in contact with a rug, a girth or a leather bridle.

For grooming the horse you should use brushes, currycomb, footpick, but also a soft brush for the head and a grooming glove. All these accessories are essential for the well-being of your horse. 

You will find a wide selection of brushes and accessories for the care of your horse in our grooming and horse care category. 

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