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Reins and Vests

The reins are the direct link between the rider's hands and the horse's mouth. They allow the rider to direct his horse and to transmit technical information to him. Different materials, types and sizes of reins are used depending on the horse's mouth, the rider's hands and the type of discipline. 

Smooth reins are more likely to be used in dressage to allow for greater flexibility of the rider's hands with the horse's mouth. For jumping, reins with cleats are more recommended to avoid losing them during jumps. 

As far as tack is concerned, we recommend that you ask your coach or the professionals around you for advice on which tack is best for you and your horse. They can be used on horseback, on foot or in the longe depending on your needs. Gogue and elastics for the longe, martingal and German reins for riding. 

At you will find everything you need. If you have any questions please contact us directly via our contact page. 

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