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A saddle is a padded seat placed on a mount for the rider. There are different saddles developed especially for different riding disciplines. These include the dressage saddle and the jumping saddle. The mixed form of these two saddles is called a multipurpose saddle. Saddle accessories are therefore also essential.

It is important for every rider that his horse is comfortable with the saddle and the saddle accessories. The saddle girth should be comfortable, with a width of one hand behind the forehand. To make the saddle girth more comfortable for the horse's belly, the girth is covered with a sheepskin girth guard.

The stirrups were invented to make it easier for the rider to get into the saddle and to sit more calmly and comfortably in the saddle.

Saddle protectors or saddle covers are used to protect the saddle material. Saddles were made from two padded cushions in the early days of cavalry. The Greeks used lambskins, the Romans used horn saddles and in the 17th century officers' saddles were covered with velvet. Even at the end of the Middle Ages, there were already many saddle accessories. At that time, the still short stirrups were attached to the saddle girth and higher up on the saddle itself. Important saddle accessories are also saddle soap and saddle oil. It takes care of the leather and makes it soft and durable.

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