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The best for your horses, naturally. Since its inception, Veredus has dedicated research, dedication and resources to offer products that cover the entire spectrum of horse care. 

Bio Care Line offers three product ranges for :

- Horse care: a selection of products based on natural ingredients to relieve horses in any situation. Remedies in creams, gels or sprays that allow a quick recovery and calm any tension in limbs, tendons or joints. 

- Grooming, hygiene and beauty: natural products that make it possible to obtain a shiny coat, mane and tail thanks to easier, more delicate but also more meticulous hygiene. Particular attention is paid to grey and white coats, which require a more complete aesthetic hygiene to keep their natural colour.

- Leather care: products designed to protect and enhance leather saddles and snaffles and ensure a long life. The leather care products are rich in natural active ingredients that help maintain the softness and elasticity of the leather over time.

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