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Anyone who has ever taken part in a competition knows that horses have to look their best. We have the products you need to make your horse shine. We recommend washing the horse the day before to remove all dust and dirt from the coat. The mane and tail spray is ideal for spraying on the tail and mane after washing to make combing easier and give a better shine. You can of course spray the tail again before going on the track. 

Mane elastics and adhesive spray are the perfect aids to create the perfect show braid. To tame unruly hairs that tend to stick out of the braid, it's a good idea to always have scissors with you. If this doesn't work at all, this hair can be cut off. 

To protect riding clothes and boots from dirt, it is recommended to use a riding bag and boot bags. As most competitions take place in the summer, annoying insects are a constant plague. To counter this, fly caps and fly sprays are very useful. 

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