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Pessoa / Baucher bits

Wide selection of Pessoa and Baucher bits to be at the best of your horse's performance and comfort.

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  • SEALTEX Bandage Latex


    Ideal for wrapping the bit and for creating any rubber padding. Very simple, self-adhesive, no particular taste.

  • FEELING 3-ring double-break...


    Apple scented Flexi barrels with stainless steel rings, double break and relaxing central castor. Rubber, copper, resin, flexi or leather-covered bits can be damaged very quickly depending on your horse's teeth. It is advisable not to use a bit that is too damaged, as this could injure the horse and it is essential to check the condition of the bars of your horse's mount, its teeth and its palate. Solid barrels: 18 mm - Branches: 145 mm Composition: Flexi - Maintenance Tips Rinse with clean water after each use until no residue remains. Do not use if the jaws are damaged, rusted, etc.

  • FEELING Flexi Continental Gag...


    Flexi jointed mouthpiece (with mint taste) and stainless steel cheeks. Rubber, copper, resin, flexi or leather-covered bits can be damaged quickly depending on the teeth of your horse

  • FEELING Continental Gag Bit,...


    Stainless steel with solid mouthpiece (22 mm).

  • BERIS Konnex Baucher soft bit


    Beris Konnex Baucher bits. The Beris Konnex Baucher is a bit that combines the qualities of the tongue bit and the butterfly bit.

  • BERIS 3-ring Konnex Bits


    Beris Konnex 3-ring bit. The Beris Konnex bit combines the advantages of a tongue bit and a butterfly bit.

  • FEELING Baucher Anatomic bits


    The Baucher Feeling Anatomic bits is a bit with an anatomical double break.

  • FEELING Baucher bits


    Stainless steel. Increases nape flexion by adding leverage.

  • JUMPIN Bit Baucher


    Baucher's bit from Hervé Godingon. The shapes of the bristles and rings are soft and ensure perfect comfort for the horse.