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Bridle accessories

The bridle is used to guide the horse, to direct it and to manage the tempo.

A bridle consists of a headstall (consisting of straps, which can be placed on the neck around the horse's head and can be adjusted in length, e.g. headpiece, uprights, under throat), a browband (ensures the correct positioning of the headpiece), reins (transfer the effect of the rider's hand on the bit and are attached in the bit rings), a bit (has an effect on the horse's mouth) and, if necessary, a noseband (prevents the horse's mouth from opening too wide).

The bridle bit differs from a normal bridle in that it has an extra snaffle bit and must therefore be used with a second pair of reins.

In order to ensure the correct action of the halter, a distinction is made between the different nosebands that correspond to the different head shapes of the horse:

German noseband

Combination noseband

English noseband

Combination noseband (also called Irish noseband)

Swedish noseband

Mexican noseband

As for the material and composition of the bridles:

The bridles are mainly made of cowhide. It requires careful maintenance but is also very durable. Because it offers natural properties such as abrasion resistance, softness, elasticity and moisture resistance, it is perfect for bridles.

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