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Olive bits

Wide selection of olive bits for the best performance and comfort of your horse.

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  • SEALTEX Bandage Latex


    Ideal for wrapping the bit and for creating any rubber padding. Very simple, self-adhesive, no particular taste.

  • FEELING Twisted olive bits


    Flat-ringed bits and big twisted guns.

  • FEELING Anatomic Eggbutt Bit


    "Anatomic" bits The special conception of this double-jointed mouthpiece with a solid elliptical link fits perfectly the horse mouth conformation. The elliptical shape respects the palate form and avoids injuries and pinches due to a single-jointed bit. It improves the comfort of the horse and your hand is more precise because without trouble. Stainless steel. Double-jointed hollow mouthpiece with medium thickness (18 mm) and anatomic link. 75 mm rings.

  • BERIS Olive jaws broken barrel


    This Beris olive bit provides a stable lateral hold in the horse's mouth and the shape of the barrel avoids lateral pinches

  • BERIS Gebisse Bits with soft...


    Beris Gebisse's olive-headed bit is ideally placed in the horse's mouth and is very pleasant to wear thanks to a slight bulge. How to use it: The olive-head bit has an optimum effect on the tongue and lower jaw thanks to its perfect shape and the pressure it exerts on the bridle. The subtle shaping of the middle part prevents the lips from getting stuck and offers a good lateral hold. The bit is supplied in a soft design. Material: The Beris bits are made of noble materials that do not get damaged when bitten by the horse, which guarantees optimum safety and comfort. The bits are therefore very durable. Translated with (free version)

  • FEELING Copper Eggbutt Bit


    Stainless steel. With flat rings thin (16 mm) and solid copper mouthpiece. Rubber, copper, resin, flexi or leather-covered bits can be damaged quickly depending on the teeth of your horse.

  • FEELING "Anatomic" cyprium...


    In "Cyprium" and double jointed.

  • FEELING Spanish rubber bit


    This broken Spanish bit with passes can be used with horses that have a lot of natural impulse.

  • FEELING Bit Leather-lined Olive


    Leather-lined bit with big guns. The leather bit allows a softer contact for sensitive horses that fear steel. They promote relaxation and salivation. Some horses that are no longer fixed on the bit can bite it and thus deform it.

  • SPRENGER Straight Carbon Bits...


    Sprenger's Weymouth carbon bit with its robust carbon straight barrel is specially designed for horses sensitive to the pressure of a broken bit.

  • SHIRES Pony bits Mini olive...


    The French link in this bit means pressure is applied to both sides of the tongue.

  • FEELING flexi double-jointed...


    Apple scented double-jointed “Flexi” mouthpiece with relaxing central roller. Stainless steel rings.