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Lifting Bits

Wide selection of lifting bits for the best performance and comfort of your horse.

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  • SEALTEX Bandage Latex


    Ideal for wrapping the bit and for creating any rubber padding. Very simple, self-adhesive, no particular taste.

  • FEELING Anatomic Continental Gag...


    "Anatomic" bits The special conception of this double-jointed mouthpiece with a solid elliptical link fits perfectly the horse mouth conformation.

  • FEELING rubber Gag Bit


    Rubber, copper, resin, flexi or leather-covered bits can be damaged quickly depending on the teeth of your horse. It is advisable not to use a bit too damaged because it may cause some injuries to your horse and it is important to check the condition of the bars of your horse, his teeth, and his palate.

  • FEELING Bits Lift needle jaw...


    Rubber, copper, resin, flexi or leather covered bits can be damaged very quickly depending on your horse's teeth.

  • FEELING Rubber Gag Bit


    Stainless steel jointed rubber covered mouthpiece, 75 mm rings.

  • FEELING Satin finish stainless...


    Satin finish with thick mouthpiece and rings.

  • FEELING Feeling Anatomic gag bits


    Gag bits with double anatomical break.

  • BERIS Horse bit for lifting needles


    The integrated oval washers of this Beris Prime needle lifter bit offer very good lateral framing, prevent pinching of the corners of the lips and avoid contact between the horse's mouth and the metal, which is ideal for horses with allergies to metals or metal alloys. This bit is used on horses with a tendency to lean on the mouth. The needles provide optimal lateral support and help to achieve tight curves. Composition: Food-grade plastic Care instructions: Rinse with clean water after each use until no residue remains. Do not use if the jaw has an anomaly (damaged, rust, etc.).

  • I-BRIDE Bit Test before you...


    You have the possibility to test the I-BRIDE bit for a period of 7 days for a delivery fee of CHF 16.00. CHF 151.00 will be refunded on your order when the bit is returned. If the bit is not returned within 10 days, we will consider that you wish to keep the bit and there will be no refund possible. We are at your disposal to help you choose the model(s) you want to try. Ring size: 70mm Barrel thickness: 16mm Bit size: 135mm

  • I-BRIDE Bit


    We are at your disposal to help you choose the model(s) you want to try. Ring size: 70mm Barrel thickness: 16mm Bit size: 135mm

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    FEELING Flexi Lifting Net


    Apple scented "Flexi" barrels with double curl and central relaxing roller, stainless steel rings.