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Halters and Ropes

The halter is the accessory used to hold the horse when it is at rest, in transport or for walking by hand. There are different types of halter with different uses. 

Ethological halters are halters with knots strategically placed on the horse's head so that the horse can be steered and managed without the need for force. These halters are used for walking and lunging. 

The simple halter is used to hold the horse or simply to tie it while grooming. Made of leather, fabric or cotton, these halters are indispensable. They can also be used to park the horse. 

Finally, halters are always accompanied by a lead rope or rope, more or less short, which is attached below the horse's mouth and which allows the horse to be held. The size of the lead rope varies according to its purpose. A walking or tying rein is on average 2m long. A working lanyard can be between 10m and 19m long. 

You can find all these types of lanyards on our online site or in our shop. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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