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BERIS D-ring bit soft comfort bar

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Due to its anatomically cut shape, this bit rests evenly on the tongue as well as on the loading and thus distributes the pressure optimally.
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The anatomically correct mouthpiece rests lightly and evenly on the tongue and load, giving the tongue more space and freedom of movement. When the reins are taken, even pressure is exerted on the lower jaw load and on the tongue. The tongue and mouthpiece are not compressed laterally. The use of bit discs makes it impossible to pinch the lips. Thanks to its slightly curved shape, the comfort bar is particularly stable in the mouth. Mouthpieces with a slightly curved bar are considered to be particularly soft and gentle on the mouth. This feature, combined with our Beris plastic, allows horse and rider to communicate even more gently and comfortably. The Comfort bar is particularly suitable for young and sensitive horses. The shape and weight of the side parts ensure a very calm and neutral position in the mouth. 
This feature makes the bit ideal for young horses that are still somewhat inexperienced. The shape of the side part also offers them optimal lateral support and guidance. The production of Beris bits in Schleswig-Holstein is the result of many years of bit making and the resulting experience, craftsmanship and passion for riding: the passion for the horse. From the ring of the bridle to the elaborate side part: each metal part is shaped, welded and polished by hand to obtain a shiny appearance.the new shape of the mouthpiece also allows for better acceptance and facilitates the measured communication between horse and rider. Beris mouthpieces are made of food-grade plastic, with a finish and surface treatment that has never been seen before in plastic mouthpieces. They have a particularly smooth surface and glide well in the mouth, even in horses that do not salivate. Practically all horses like beris mouthpieces. They salivate, chew more and are happy to approach the bit. 
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BERIS D-ring bit soft comfort bar

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