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Our associations

At FoolFashion, we are proud to support associations that work for the well-being of horses and equines. We believe in their mission and are committed to helping them in their efforts to provide a better life for these magnificent animals. Here are two of the associations we are honored to support:

Association Afterwork

Association Afterwork was founded by Joy Jaquet in January 2019. Its main objective is to offer a well-deserved retirement to riding horses and to ease the burden on riding schools through partnerships.

Afterwork makes it a point of honor to provide horses with daily supervision and care specific to each one, as well as light physical activity, to avoid an abrupt break with their former life.

Support Afterwork

Darwyn's Refuge

Founded in 2000 by Anouk Thibaud, Le Refuge de Darwyn is a non-profit association recognized as a public utility by the Swiss Department of Finance and representing a section of Swiss Animal Protection.

The Refuge's mission is to help protect animals in general, and equines in particular, by raising public awareness of horse and donkey abuse, influencing legislation to ensure dignified living conditions, and much more.

Support the shelter

By supporting these associations, FoolFashion is committed to contributing to a world where horses and equines are treated with respect and compassion.

If you share our passion for horses and would like to get more involved, we encourage you to support these associations by becoming a member or making a donation.