Discover FoolFashion's Core Values for Passionate and Responsible Equestrianism


At FoolFashion, we firmly believe in the importance of strong values that guide our business every day. As a boutique dedicated to the equestrian community in French-speaking Switzerland, we strive to reflect these principles in everything we do. Here's what defines us

Passion for Equestrianism

Riding is more than just a hobby to us, it's a true passion that drives each and every one of our members. We are deeply in love with this equestrian art and the unique relationship it creates with our majestic companions, horses. Every member of our team shares this unwavering passion, nurtured by years of experience, training and dedication to these wonderful animals.

We celebrate the magic of horsemanship at every turn, whether through our interactions with our customers, our meticulous product selections or our collaborations with equestrian associations and organizations. This passion shines through in every aspect of our business, and is what truly sets us apart.

Quality and Excellence

We are committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality, to match their passion for riding. Every item we offer is carefully selected, with an emphasis on excellence, durability and comfort, for both riders and their equine companions. We understand the importance of equipping riders with reliable, quality equipment that enables them to live their passion to the full, while ensuring the well-being and safety of their horses.

Respect for the environment

Concerned about our ecological footprint, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment through every action we take. From the selection of our suppliers to our business practices, we are constantly looking for ways to promote sustainability and nature conservation. We are committed to adopting environmentally-friendly practices, in order to preserve the natural spaces that are home to our beloved equine companions.

Commitment to Animal Welfare

    • Responsible Products: At FoolFashion, we are committed to offering only products that respect animal welfare. All our products are made from high-quality materials and are cruelty-free.
    • Comfort and safety: We understand the importance of horse comfort and safety. That's why we offer a range of equipment designed to guarantee the physical and emotional well-being of our equine friends, while ensuring the safety and comfort of riders.
    • Awareness and Education: At FoolFashion, we believe that increased awareness of animal welfare is essential to creating a better world for horses. We are committed to educating our customers about the importance of caring for their equine companions and providing educational resources to help them better understand their needs.
    • Supporting Animal Initiatives: As passionate supporters of animal welfare, we actively support local and national initiatives that work to improve the living conditions of animals, including horses. Whether through donations, partnerships or volunteering, we are proud to contribute to causes close to our hearts

    Exceptional customer service

    Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the simple business transaction. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, always listening to their needs and offering personalized advice to help them find the best products for themselves and their equine companions.

      At FoolFashion, these values are not just words, they are the very foundation of our business. We are proud to serve the equestrian community in French-speaking Switzerland, sharing our passion for riding while respecting our commitment to animal welfare.