Stable partner program

Who is this program for?

This program is aimed at stable owners throughout Switzerland.

We know how expensive and time-consuming stable maintenance can be. So, to support you and save you time, Foolfashion has developed its new stable partner program:

This is based on the annual amount spent by you and your customers in our Etoy boutique and on our online site:

  • 4,000 CHF - 6,000 CHF -15% DISCOUNT
  • 6'000 CHF - 10'000 CHF -20% DISCOUNT
  • more than 10'000 CHF -25

These discounts are valid for you and your customers, on all equipment in the Etoy store, as well as online and in the Foolmobile.

In exchange :

  • 1 banner in your infrastructure
  • Posters in the stables

Embroidery service

We offer companies the opportunity to personalize accessories and clothing with your colors and logo.

Whether you're into equestrianism or not, we offer an
embroidery service on vests, jackets, polo shirts, caps, chabraques
or many other items, at unbeatable prices.