How to become a Foolfashion ambassador - Sponsorship application -

Rider sponsorship application


Following the new arrangements made by the Foolfashion team for the year 2023. The sponsorship application files are already filled and we will not take any additional applications. 

Registration is closed for the year 2023.

A Foolfashion rider? The Foolfashion rider is a choice ambassador who has a passion for riding, but above all for his faithful steed.

Your mission? To wear the Foolfashion colours during competitions, but also to tell all your friends about us. Because Foolfashion is fashion with a capital M, but not only in the equestrian world! Even your grandmother will be happy to shop with us.

Our sponsoring is based on packages on three levels. You will be informed of these packages if your file is selected. Our philosophy? "Win to Win".

Thank you for your interest and see you next year