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NUTRAGILE Clay Paste Relieves Pain- Blow-Contusion

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Cataplasm formulated to relieve and accompany trauma Enriched with a synergy of plants with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects Relieves pain Following muscle, tendon or joint contusion

Helps absorb haematomas, effusions and inflammation

Ready-to-use: easy to apply, easy to remove

100% natural product


A clay paste enriched with a synergy of plants with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

Cider vinegar has astringent properties that help tighten tissues and reduce swelling and edema.

White willow is nicknamed "plant aspirin". It is known for its analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties. Its active ingredient is salicyline.

Wintergreen is renowned for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Peppermint has pain-relieving, decongestant and highly refreshing properties.

Arnica to relieve muscle pain and bruising.

Water and clay, but not just any clay!

Based on Bentonite Clay, chosen for its most effective and powerful healing properties.

We have rigorously selected the provenance of our Bentonite Clay to ensure the exemplary quality and purity of this exceptional material. Bentonite Clay is a natural compound of 3 complementary clays: montmorillonite, illite and kaolinite.

Structured water. Water is extremely important to the effectiveness of our poultices, and we pay the utmost attention to it. In our recipe, we use water with a very specific structure, free of all electromagnetic charges, an essential factor in optimizing the natural adsorption of bentonite clay.

This exclusive specificity brings major benefits:

- Better hydration

- Better elimination of toxins

- Better transport of micro-nutrients to cells

This water is an essential element in the effectiveness of our paste.

Our exclusive recipe has been developed over many years.

It enables us to draw the quintessence of these two materials and obtain a paste with a silky texture and unequalled effectiveness.


Bentonite clay has a very specific structure: planes of atoms form layers, which in turn form sheets. This layered structure is extremely important, as it gives bentonite its three main recognized properties:

The ability to absorb liquids: it has an astonishing capacity to absorb intra-tissue inflammatory liquids (inflammation of muscles and tendons), as well as secretions produced by wounds.

Strong adsorption capacities: it attracts toxins and microbes. Adsorption is a physico-chemical phenomenon. Bentonite clay is charged with positive ions that can be exchanged with ions from another medium. It works like a magnet, absorbing and binding many toxins while releasing beneficial minerals.

Remarkable astringent properties: tightens tissues thanks to its shrinking action.

Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.

Rich in aluminum silicate (a natural healing agent), it helps rebuild tissues and heal wounds.

Kaolinite gently cares for sensitive skin.

The action of our poultice takes place in 4 phases:

- 0 to 10 min: cooling effect

- 10 to 30 min: exchange between the inflamed support and the clay

- 30 to 90 min: binding of toxins in the clay

- After 90 min: astringent effect

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