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New MARSTALL Force Multivital Concentrate

MARSTALL Force Multivital Concentrate

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Marstall Force cereal-free mineral food is a high-quality mineral food with minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

The extra small pellets are very tasty, contain brewer's yeast and no cereals.


Force provides leisure and sport horses with important minerals, which are often lacking in hay and grain rations.

The individual energy and protein requirements of horses vary greatly and always depend on the service provided and the physical condition of the horses.

Although there is also a need for different minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Due to the species-poor pastures and meadows of Switzerland, almost all horses should be fed with a mineral feed or mineralized supplementary feed, which will provide them with nutrients in the supplemented basic feed.

Marstall Force is a particularly high quality mineral feed for all horses, regardless of age, breed, independence, service or area of operation.

Composition Grass, dried at high temperature (25.00 %), dried apples or apple pomace (20.00 %), sodium chloride (15.00 %), calcium carbonate (12.00 %), monocalcium phosphate (8.00 %), magnesium oxide (6.00 %), brewer's yeast (4.00 %), vegetable oil (2.00 %)

1 measuring cup Strength = approx. 100 grams

Feeding instructions Please adjust the feeding quantities with an additional Please adjust the feeding quantities with an additional dosage of a concentrated feed.

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