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KENTUCKY Show Rug Velvet 160gr

KENTUCKY Show Rug Velvet 160gr

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In addition to our show rug, we now have a stylish velvet edition.

- Velvet exterior

- Cube" padding for extra strength

- Artificial rabbit skin on the inside to prevent the blanket from shifting

- 160g fibre padding

- Washable at 30 degrees

Horses size

Special features

The Kentucky presentation blanket is our iconic and extremely popular blanket worldwide. Because Kentucky stands for innovation, we have developed a presentation blanket with our famous velour fabric. Thanks to the velvet style and the elegant artificial sheepskin on the collar, the Velvet presentation blanket is an eye-catcher!

Fabrics and materials

With the Velvet presentation blanket, you are sure to stand out in the stables. The blanket has a 160g padding and is perfect in winter for use as a stable blanket at home or at shows. The outside of the blanket is made of a soft, chic velour fabric and a sophisticated quilted layer. The "cube" quilted layer makes it much more difficult for horses to tear the rug. The inside of the rug is lined with artificial rabbit skin, which prevents rubbing. The artificial rabbit skin also creates tiny air pockets that create an insulated layer around your horse and keep it warm.

Shape and size

Thanks to the artificial rabbit skin inside the blanket, the Velvet Presentation Blanket stays in place after your horse has rolled or laid down. The rug can be closed with two double front fasteners and two surcingles that are finished with the artificial leather pieces.

Care guide

The Velvet presentation blanket is washable at 30 degrees and keeps its softness after washing. The tail strap can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth, thanks to its plastic protection.

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