HORSE PILOT Exchange Belt - Accessory -

HORSE PILOT Exchange Belt

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The EXCHANGE belt is adaptable to all sizes.

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The EXCHANGE belt is adaptable to all sizes. There will be something for everyone. All will fit you. The brushed stainless steel buckle gives a sport effect while the leather end adds the touch of elegance that we love.

Manual: Unwrap the belt around your waist With a tape, define where you want to cut (leave the flow that will go in the pants passers!) Make several rounds tight enough with the tape so that the belt does not unplait while cutting it With scissors, cut in the middle of the formed scotch tape Take the bocle provided and open in the place provided to accommodate the belt Slip in the belt without removing the tape Close: the toothed parts bite scotch and tissues and prevents it from coming out

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HORSE PILOT Adjustable Belt for Men

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