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SERGIO GRASSO Boots Venezia unisex

SERGIO GRASSO Boots Venezia unisex

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The beautiful Venezia boots by the Italian specialist Sergio Grasso stand out for their beauty, quality and elegance.

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The beautiful Venezia boots by the Italian specialist Sergio Grasso stand out for their beauty, quality and elegance. Usage Venezia boots are of very good quality and perfectly suited for equestrian sports and leisure time. They go very well with Sergio Grassi's Pinerolo chaps. Technical specifications The Venezia boots of very high quality has with ProComf®. This patented technology developed by Sergio Grasso combines high comfort with the pure ergonomic function that a technical shoe such as a boot should have. It features Vibram anti-slip soles, insoles in natural leather, and the heel piece in anti-bacterial latex with moisture-absorbing activated carbon. The pro-comf insole, designed and patented by Sergio Grasso, guarantees maximum comfort and high ergonomic functionality. In addition, the Venezia boots have laces on the front and a zipper on the back. Materials The upper and the interior are made of calf leather. Leather is a natural product, made from animal skins, preserved through a process particular. It is a strong and durable material that is irreplaceable in its beauty. Thanks to its positive qualities, leather is an expensive product. The preferred characteristics of leather are: adhesion of the layers, abrasion resistance of the upper part, wear and tear, resistance to water and moisture, as well as resistance to temperature and light. Manufacturer The company was founded at the beginning of the 1980s by Sergio Grasso who wanted to combine the great tradition of Italian shoe manufacturing with the production of a sublime and aesthetic good which, however, requires a significant technique, such as riding boots. When organizing the company, the aim was to directly create high quality riding boots on a world-wide scale and to equip itself with the best production facilities, without however omitting craftsmanship or neglecting the abilities of the employees. Since the beginning the production phase has followed this motto and, according to Sergio Grasso, this is necessary and indispensable for the production of goods of the highest quality. The complete production of the company is located exclusively in Italy.