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RACER Devotion Riding Gloves

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Ultra technical, resistant and clever, the Racer® Devotion gloves have been designed to accompany you in all your movements in the stables! Thanks to its openings on the last phalanges, this riding glove offers maximum precision and dexterity without removing the glove.

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Racer Gloves

Whether you are a keen rider, groom or grooms, you will appreciate being able to free your fingertips to get a better feel for the action on or around your horse.

These riding gloves are versatile: they can be used for stabling, feeding, bar tacking, but also for preparing, saddling, grooming, riding, or even scrolling on your laptop screen!

Equipped with magnets, the openings on the last phalanges of the thumb, index and middle fingers of the Racer® Devotion Gloves cover and uncover your fingers in the blink of an eye: the small magnets fix the end of the gloves to the rest of the hand, thus avoiding any untimely and embarrassing movement.

Racer® Devotion gloves are also resistant, breathable and long-lasting.

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RACER Devotion Riding Gloves
RACER Devotion Riding Gloves

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