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FENWICK Mask with Liquid Titanium ears

FENWICK Mask with Liquid Titanium ears

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Does your horse tend to be stressed in certain situations? Then the Liquid Titanium mask should be of great help to him. Fenwick Reitsport Liquid Titanium Far InfraRed products contain patented technology. This technology made it possible to produce the first and only therapeutic mask. This mask should help your horse to relax and concentrate naturally. This model is approved for competitions all over the world. Fenwick Liquid Titanium Far InfraRed Fabric Far infrared rays and negative ions can have positive effects on the body: - Far infrared rays turn into radiant heat (infrared energy producing body heat) - Improves hydration, which improves blood circulation. The more oxygen in the blood produces more energy. - Improves metabolism. 

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- Can reduce fears

- Can reduce stress

- Improves confidence and helps the horse to concentrate

- Breathable - Good moisture absorption

- Dries quickly

- Four-way stretch allows for an ideal fit Washing instructions This mask can be machine washed. Use a mild soap. No enzymes, bleaches or fabric softeners. Does not shrink.

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