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SERGIO GRASSO Boots Walk&Ride Dynamique

SERGIO GRASSO Boots Walk&Ride Dynamique

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The Walk&Ride Dynamic Riding Shoes from the Italian specialist Sergio Grasso fit your feet perfectly.

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Have you always been looking for comfortable shoes for horseback riding, too? The Walk&Ride Dynamic Riding Shoes from the Italian specialist Sergio Grasso fit your feet perfectly. They are easy to use: Walk&Ride Dynamic Riding Shoes are so light that you hardly feel them on your feet when you wear them! Thanks to the comfortable soles of the feet, they can be worn like sports shoes, yet are just as elegant - perfect for riding! Equipment: The Walk&Ride Dynamic Riding Shoes have a zip at the front, a breathable lining and a Vibram anti-slip sole. The Sergio Grasso Walk&Ride Dynamique riding boots size one number less, so preferably order a larger shoe size directly. Material: The Walk&Ride Dynamic Riding Boots are made of fine calf leather. Leather is a natural product that is produced from animal skins and is preserved through a further process. The highly resistant and long-lasting material is incomparable in its striking beauty. Due to the positive qualities of leather, it is a valuable product. The most valuable characteristics of leather are above all the adhesive strength of the layers, the abrasion resistance of the top layer of the leather, its wear behaviour, the formation of droplets with water, its vapour permeability, its absorption as well as its heat retention and the authenticity of its brightness. Manufacturer: The company was founded at the beginning of the eighties by Sergio Grasso, following his wish to combine the great tradition of high quality Italian footwear manufacturing with a product of great majesty, aesthetics and, at the same time, technique of great importance, such as the riding boot. In terms of the organization of the activity, the immediate aim was to design products that belong to the world leadership in the riding boot market and that are equipped with the best production facilities, without neglecting the artisan knowledge and essential skills of the company's employees. From the very beginning, each production phase has followed this motto which, for Sergio Grasso, is fundamental and indispensable for the design of real objects of value. The company's entire production is carried out exclusively in Italy.

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