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List of products by brand Loën Vetselect

Natural products for the joints of the horse, osteoarthritis of the horse, the feet and hooves of the horse, the sarcoids of the horse, the intestine, the lungs.

  • LOËN VETSELECT Mag'Provide 3000 gr


    Mag'Provide is particularly recommended

    • for the stressed horse
    • for the athlete horse as a muscle support and to promote post-exercise recovery.
    • for any highly stressed metabolism such as gestation, lactation, growth, convalescence.
  • LOENVETSELECT Cika Booster 60ml


    Cika'Booster is a 100% natural spray that offers: A very fast and adhesion-free help for all wounds, Also very effective for internal mouth wounds, Hair regrowth is simultaneous.

  • LOENVETSELECT Opti'Horn 500ml


    Opti'Horn - Hoof oil. Restructures, cools, nourishes and protects the horse's feet - 100 % natural

  • LOENVETSELECT Tendinis'Horse...


    Tendinis - balm for quick relief of sore tendons and joints of the horse (cooling effect) - 100% natural

  • LOENVETSELECT Acidless 300ml


    The plants and essential oils present in Acidless promote the elimination of free radicals and acids produced during exercise. They also provide an effective aid to the recovery of magnesium lost during exercise. Great antioxidant power.

  • LOENVETSELECT Cortiphyt 300ml


    The cortico-like and analgesic effects of plants and essential oils are very interesting on the recurrent problems of certain inflammatory pathologies on horses such as back pain and lumbago, which are recurrent problems in sport horses.

  • LOENVETSELECT Serenity 300ml


    For stressed and anxious horses during changes of environment, travelling in a van, plane, horse heating, excitement, deconcentration during competitions, races.