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  • Bandage Sealtex


    Bridle with anatomic and comfortable headpiece / Fancy stitched browband and noseband, padded with soft leather / Cream stitching / Soft rubber reins 1⁄2 with fancy stitches.

    Available in Black Size: Pony, Cob or Horse.

  • FEELING Twisted olive bits


    Flat-ringed bits and big twisted guns.

  • FEELING Anatomic Eggbutt Bit


    "Anatomic" bits The special conception of this double-jointed mouthpiece with a solid elliptical link fits perfectly the horse mouth conformation. The elliptical shape respects the palate form and avoids injuries and pinches due to a single-jointed bit. It improves the comfort of the horse and your hand is more precise because without trouble. Stainless steel. Double-jointed hollow mouthpiece with medium thickness (18 mm) and anatomic link. 75 mm rings.

  • BERIS Olive jaws broken barrel
    • New

    BERIS Olive jaws broken barrel


    This Beris olive bit provides a stable lateral hold in the horse's mouth and the shape of the barrel avoids lateral pinches