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Norton Fetlocks Fleece
  • Norton Fetlocks Fleece

NORTON Fetlocks Fleece

25,00 CHF

The Norton Fleece fetlocks match Norton's tendon protectors Cat. 530, 111, 530, 112. Softness and protection for these anatomical protectors: flexible outer shell of molded plastic protecting the limbs from band friction. The Norton Fleece fetlocks have a padded lining with a thick layer of synthetic sheep. This comfortable and breathable equipment preserves anterior irritations and is recommended for horses with sensitive skin. hey are closed with a double-sided hook-and-loop fastening strip, mounted on a double layer of elastic, ensuring a reliable closure under a flap while limiting the pressure points.


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Rückgabe und Umtausch innerhalb von 15 Tagen, außer Lagerabbau

Composition: PVC / Synthetic sheep / Maintenance tips / Run a clean hard brush to remove residue and dust. If necessary clean with clear water.

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